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Surrey Heating Services

If you’re suffering through a hot summer, cold winter or simply want to make your home comfortable all year round, getting a quality HVAC system up and running is exactly what you need. Whether you want that old system repaired or are ready for a new one, call High Mark Heating to get started today 604-678-9440.

Surrey, BC Heating

Your home is where the family congregates. During winter, you certainly want to keep them warm and cozy. Check out the heating services at High Mark Heating and make your home the most comfortable on the block.

Surrey, BC Air Conditioning

When it’s the middle of summer, there’s nothing better than a nice air-conditioned home. Don’t try to get by another summer with that simple window unit, add a central air conditioning system, or if you already have one, let the experts at High Mark Heating come out and help it work its very best.

Surrey, BC HVAC

The entire HVAC system works together as a cohesive unit. If you haven’t had it inspected lately, consider calling High Mark Heating and letting one of the trained professionals come and take a look. There may be problems that keep your home from being its most comfortable.

Surrey, BC Furnace Repair & Service

Whether you’re a home or business owner, when your furnace goes out, you need it repaired NOW. High Mark Heating offers emergency repair service at competitive prices. Call and talk with one of our customer service team today.

Surrey, BC Furnace Installation

Perhaps that furnace needs more than a repair, sometimes replacing it makes sense. Installing a furnace properly and optimized for the best results is the hard part. High Mark Heating knows the business like nobody’s business and will have your new furnace ready in no time.

Surrey, BC Heat Pump

Heat pumps are confusing to some. High Mark Heating knows heat pumps and can properly work with HVAC systems that include heat pumps just as easily as those that do not. No matter what your heat pump issue, High Mark Heating can help.

Surrey, BC Tankless Water Heaters

Considering one of the new tankless water heaters? They are a great energy save and help provide enough hot water for your whole family to shower, plus take care of laundry and dishes. High Mark Heating can install these tankless heaters quick and painlessly.

Surrey, BC Water Heaters

You may not know who to call when you’re facing water heater issues. High Mark Heating is on your side and will know about all the top brands of traditional and tankless water heaters.