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New Westminster Heating Services

Those who live in or around New Westminster, BC deal with a lot when it comes to weather. Hot, steamy summers are followed by winters that chill to the bone. Luckily there’s a great option for New Westminster Heating Services that can  keep the home or office a comfortable temperature year round. High Mark Heating repairs and replaces all types of temperature control systems.

New Westminster, BC Heating

One of the most important systems to keep running smoothly is the heating system. In New Westminster, BC, it is not unusual for winter temps to dip below zero. Understanding that, you know why keeping your heating system in good repair is so important.

New Westminster, BC Air Conditioning

As cold as those winters get, summers can be just as brutal. A home that is too hot is not only uncomfortable, it can be dangerous to children, the elderly and pets. High Mark Heating will keep your home comfortable year round.

New Westminster, BC HVAC

High Mark technicians are able to repair or replace all aspects of the HVAC system. Many competitors forget that the system is interconnected. You don’t want to repair one aspect and leave the rest working poorly, if at all. Choose the company that treats your system like it was their own.

New Westminster, BC Furnace Repair & Service

Businesses, like homes, need furnace repair and service to keep them working at optimal levels. Don’t let your office staff or factory crew suffer through another cold winter. There is a solution. Furnace repair and service does not have to be a hassle, just call High Mark Heating and let them get started today.

New Westminster, BC Furnace Installation

When it’s time for a new furnace, High Mark has you covered. The pros working with High Mark Heating will take great pains to insure the furnace is installed correctly, so it will give you years of great service, keeping your home or business warm and cozy.

New Westminster, BC Heat Pump

Heat pump giving you problems? They may seem to be a difficult piece of machinery, but High Mark Heating knows what it takes to get a heat pump working correctly and keep it functioning for the long haul. Don’t suffer from another winter with a struggling pump, call High Mark Heating today.

New Westminster, BC Tankless Water Heaters

If you have a houseful, it can be hard to get everyone a hot shower as well as get all the clothes washed and dishes clean. A tankless water heater may be the solution. Call the customer service team at High Mark and talk to them about the tankless options for your home or business. Over time, tankless water heaters can save money in energy costs as well.

New Westminster, BC Water Heaters

Perhaps you are having issues with your water heater. High Mark Heating is your New Westminster Heating Services  specialist. You don’t have to suffer with water that won’t get hot enough or a leaky heater. Let High Mark Heating take a look at your issues today. Contact us at 604-678-9440 or click Here.