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Maple Ridge Heating Repair

It is highly recommended to have your heater repaired if you live in Maple Ridge BC. Repairing your system is always going to be cheaper than replacing it. Ignoring necessary repairs will only lead you to buying an entirely new system sooner. Save money and still have your heater running everyday of winter with the experts at High Mark Heating on your side! We assist all of your Maple Ridge Heating Repair needs, regardless of the type heater you use.

Maple Ridge Oil Furnace Repair

There are multiple problems that can go wrong with your oil furnace. The cycle and the burner can be off as well, which will cause smoke and a squeaky sound, it will also stop your furnace from properly burning and working as it should. Costing you more money and still benefiting you less. Although they are really reliable systems, they need to have proper maintenance, so they won’t break down and cause costly issues that often lead to premature replacement. High Mark Heating can repair your furnace or install a new and more efficient oil furnace.

Maple Ridge Heat Pump Repair

The most common type of heat pump takes air from outside and creates it into cold or hot air inside. No matter what type of heat pump you have, High Mark Heating is albe to repair it. If your air is not getting to the temperature it usually does, something is probably wrong. If it is fixed, the problems will not worsen and you will be able to have your air back to normal again. On the flip side, if you ignore the problems your bills will increase and so will your furnace issues.

Maple Ridge Electric Furnace Repair

It is highly advised that one seek professional help in order to repair their electric furnace. If the ducts and other important parts of the heater are not installed correctly they will not produce the proper amount of heat. They will also lose energy and therefore be costing you more money than you want to spend. Our team of experts at High Mark Heating will assist all of your heater repair needs.  We are the Maple Ridge Heating Repair company in the BC area.