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How to Save Space & Money with a Tankless Water Heater

In Vancouver, Tankless Water Heaters are becoming more and more popular. Especially when the winter months come around, causing everyone to dream of endless hot showers. The thing is, without a tankless water heater, hot water is never in overabundance.

There are a number of ways a tankless water heater could benefit your pocketbook and life quality.

A tankless water heater allows water to be heated up as needed, opposed to traditional ways of heating water, which include storing it in a heated reservoir somewhere in your home. These same traditional methods tend to use a lot of energy, as they are constantly keeping a large supply of water warm. Still, no matter how large your tank is water tends to run out—in some homes more often than others.

Save Money
Installing a tankless water heater will save you money on your electric bills; because the water automatically heats, as it’s needed, less electricity is generated. Also, when you have guests staying over you won’t have to worry about someone taking a cold shower. In fact, no one has to take cold showers in your house anymore—no matter who showers before you! If your looking for an estimate on converting to a tankless water heater, let us know. We can schedule a time to come out and take a look and offer some pricing.

Having hot water at your disposal doesn’t only improve showers and hand-washings; your dishes will also be more thoroughly cleaned. The same goes for your clothes, which are less likely to build up mold or a musty smell if your water is hot enough—this is especially the case with towels.

Save Space
Going tankless will save incredible amounts of space by erasing the need for a cumbersome tank. You can have all of the hot water you want without wasting one inch of space on a water heater tank. Not to mention, with instantly hot water you will never have to wait to take a shower or do the dishes again—talk about a time saver!

Eliminate the hassle by hiring a professional to do the job. When dealing with electricity and water, you want the job done safely—for the sake of your family and home. At High Mark Heating we can offer you our expertise and get your home running efficiently while saving you space and money. A Vancouver Tankless Water Heater is a sound decision for upgrading your homes’ value in more ways than one. Contact us at 604-678-9440 or by clicking here.