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How to Cut Your Energy Bills with a Vancouver Heat Pump

Vancouver Heat Pump

If you are looking to save on your Vancouver Heating energy bills, there are many ways you can do so effectively increasing the temperature on your thermostat, programming it so that the Air Conditioning and heat do not run while you are out and focusing on proper maintenance can all help. There is another lesser known option as well, and that is the installation of a heat pump.

A Heat Pump> uses tremendously less energy to run as compared to a traditional furnace. As long as the air temperature outside does not regularly go below 40 degrees, you can effectively heat your home with a heat pump and not have any need for fuel and limited need for electricity. This quickly helps you reduce your energy bills while also reducing your dependence on outside energy to heat your home.

A heat pump works by pulling warmth from the air or ground outside of the home. It burns no fuel, and thus is very energy efficient. It does use some electricity to force that air back into your home, but this cost and environmental impact is far less than that of an actual furnace.

This is far more affordable of a solution when compared to the alternative, which is to invest in a new, more energy efficient Furnace. The price to install a heat pump is far less than the cost to install a unit. If a heat pump can meet your needs for heating and cooling your home, then it is an affordable and very viable option.

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