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We carry an extensive line of furnaces, air conditioning, heat pumps and electronic air cleaners, humidifiers and everything else you can imagine to enhance the comfort of your home or office! Our Installation Department has all the professional tools and knowledge for exchanging your worn-out furnace with a new, high-efficiency system that will pay for itself in a few short years. This innovative installation system minimizes the time a home owner will be required to be away from work, and reduces the time your house or business is without heating or cooling and makes the replacement of your old system, a breeze!

The best way for us to deliver the comfort you deserve is to have one of our professional team members come to your home for a free estimate, and to conduct a free home comfort analysis. This includes listening to your comfort needs and requests and performing a “load calculation” to determine which will be the most effective way to heat or cool your home (and most cost effective). This important step helps match the right system for your home’s size and your family’s needs. Proper equipment sizing and matching can also extend the life of your investment when all components are working together as a team, and efficiently operating at the right time, speed and temperatures. For even greater comfort and cleaner indoor air, an electronic air filtration system (Accu Clean) can be added to your existing furnace or air handler to filter out unwanted airborne particles.

Your thermostat is truly the centralized control center for your home comfort system. A programmable thermostat will automatically adjust temperatures throughout the day based on your needs, ensuring enhanced comfort and greater efficiency.


High Mark Heating provides Vancouver with Plumbing, Heating, Gasfitting, Drainage and a lot more. Our company is based on Quality Service & Results. At High Mark Heating we aim to achieve the highest mark of quality and service for our customers at an affordable cost.

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